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How Does It Work?

Very Simply. You select the percentage discount you’d like, then enter a keyword (to help narrow down the choices), then select an Amazon category, then select a country (default is U.S.A). Then you click the search button. A list of products will be shown that match your criteria and you can view or buy them directly from the site. Too easy.

How Often Can I Use It?

There’s no limit. You could use it all day, every day if you feel like it. Also, new discounts appear on Amazon all the time so you’ll want to be checking up often by doing new searches.

Will I Ever Pay For This?

Never. This site will be free to you for as long as you remain subscribed (which also costs nothing of course). So click that little yellow button to the right over there and start saving some serious money.

Why Not Go Straight To Amazon?

Fair question. You can do price searches on Amazon but you can’t search by a defined discount amount (you CAN do broad discounts though – not as good for you). So if you do a normal price search, you still have to sift through all the results looking for the cheapest products. With the deal finder, you set the discount you want and the deals are returned straight away. It doesn’t get any better, or quicker, than that.

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