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Hi, my name is Aaron Parker and I am the creator and editor of Amazing Discounts Daily. Like the fireworks shown above, I believe that by using our special search page that you can add fireworks to your product purchases on Amazon. Welcome to our world and continue reading to find out more....

Do you want to find massive discounts on Amazon and do it again and again and again?

​I'm pretty sure the answer is YES!........yes???

​Well, that's the premise behind the Amazing Discounts Daily site.

​By subscribing to get access to our amazing discount finder page you have access to a simple system that lets you find discounts on Amazon at a percentage that suits you.

​Here's an example below to show you how easy it is. This shows the page you'd see if you were a subscriber. As you can see by the arrows shown, in 4 simple steps you can..... 

  • Select a discount rate
  • Enter a keyword
  • Select an Amazon category
  • Select a country (although the system is only operating in the U.S.A at present).

Once you click the "Show Me The Discounts" button, the system searches Amazon for discounts matching your selections and returns them as a list with both a View More button and a Buy Now button.

You can buy directly from the page or by using the View More button, go over to Amazon and read more about the product and then buy it if you want. The system provides you with that flexibility.​

​The design of the discount finder page is such that it lets you CONTROL the amount of discount you want to get from all the godzillions of products that are on Amazon.

​You don’t get that option anywhere else on the net (well, you might find it if you look hard enough but why waste your precious time). You CAN do that as a subscriber of this site. Even Amazon doesn’t let you do that.

And if you DON'T find what you're looking for?

Simple......If the price isn’t right today, try again tomorrow and you might see the same or better product at a huge discount.

No waiting for “sales”. No waiting for special sale days.

Just buying stuff you want at a price that suits you.

Our Amazon Discount Finder is THE BEST system on the internet for finding discounts on Amazon.

You are in total control of the process and you can find discounts all day every day at your own leisure.

It doesn't get any better than that.

Become a subscriber today. Click here to start getting massive discounts on Amazon.

See you on the inside.​

Aaron J Parker Signature

This photo was taken by my beautiful partner Robin after she'd got me a joy flight in a Tiger Moth bi-plane as a present for my birthday.

Man that was a total rush. We did loop-the-loops, and dive-bombed the beach and even a barrel roll which threatened to bring up my breakfast. I had the greatest fun that day.

If you ever get the chance to fly in an open cockpit airplane then do it. It's like nothing you've ever experienced before.​ Word of warning though, it's cold up there. make sure you're wearing more than a t-shirt. Brrrrrr.

Aaron J Parker In A Tiger Moth Airplane - About Amazing Discounts Daily