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By Aaron Parker | Amazon Products

Jan 31
I Love Daily Deals

Amazon's Deals Of The Day (or Today's Deals page), is a hidden gem of the Amazon system that so many people overlook.

Not surprisingly, it highlights the deals that either Amazon themselves have created, or that vendors on the system have created, and all of them are made available to you.

Deals Of The Day​

With our Daily Discount Finder, you can select the percentage of discount you want to search for on Amazon. With the Amazon Daily Deals page, the discounts are scattered around at all different levels, which simply means it takes a bit of extra searching but still, good deals can be found.

For example, on the 3rd of March the best deal on the page was this one.​

Purell 1450-D1 Everywhere System Starter Kit (Base and Refill)​

​It was 90% off, which is a pretty good deal in anyone's books, but it wasn't actually listed as the deal of the day. I can't quite figure that one out myself but Amazon is its own master so I don't even bother trying.

Drive yourself crazy doing that.​

The following image is typical of the type of content you find on the deals page, and on average there are about 50 or more pages of deals to sift through.

Deals Of The Day Example

Personally, we think our Discount Finder system does a better job of getting real deals but of course we're biased. As a "second best" type of system however, the Amazon Daily Deals page is not a bad option (even if it takes you half a day to find what you want). Like I said, we're biased. I guess you've totally worked that out by now.

​Amazon has so many options available to both the buyer and the seller that for me, it's a no-brainer system as far as making purchases in concerned.

For example, I love giving my customers gift cards (which I do on a regular basis for all sorts of reasons), because as you can see from the banner below, they are "Any Occasion, No Expiration" cards which makes them perfect for use with the deal site or our discount finder.

So, take advantage of Amazon's Deals of The Day page to find yourself some crazy cheap products. Or alternatively, click here to get the Amazing Discounts Daily Amazon Discount Finder, where you can choose exactly how much you want to save on all your products.


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