Fix Up Your Head Fred!

By Aaron Parker | Personal Development

Mar 17
Fix Up Your Head Fred - Mindset


It all starts with mindset.

Once upon a time there was a little boy who frolicked in the grass all day long wishing he could be the world's greatest "fill in the blank".

One day he would be a great motorcycle racer, the next, a rock star with chicks hanging off him left, right and centre.

And then he would wake up.

Sound familiar?​

Yes, it probably does, because for starters, we wouldn't be human if we didn't dream. But the fact of the matter is, most of us do just that.


And not much else.

A dream is basically useless unless it's followed up with some sort of action. It doesn't always matter what that action actually is, but if we do nothing, we get nothing.

Yes, that's me I'm describing above. There were lots of things I wanted to be, but in most of those cases I did bugger all about them and never got past the planning stage (read dreaming). Some of my ideas I "tried" and some others I thought I'd "see how they go".

But as Yoda says:

Yoda Do Or Do Not There Is No Try

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​You cannot try to lift up a pen. You either do it or you don't. Your mind knows that you want to pick up the pen and so it does. It's a pretty simple process, but when it comes to making other seemingly easily decisions, like losing weight, or starting a business, we sabotage ourselves from the outset because we say, "we'll give a go and see what happens".

That is simply bullshit.

That is simply bullshit.

You either do it, or you don't.

That state of mind described above was the exact state of mind that I put myself in when I decided to start an Amazon physical products business.

I didn't "try" this business. I didn't "see how it would go". I jumped straight in with a 100% commitment to make it a way of life and to make it a success no matter what I was faced with.

I didn't dream about things. I just did it. I started learning the ropes and treated every day like a new learning experience (which I still do) and over time, I became successful and continue to be successful.

I don't say that to blow my own trumpet, but to illustrate the fact that when I "changed my mind", things happened.

One of the people (among many) that I credit with helping me to move my mind from a poor person's blueprint to a millionaire's blueprint is T. Harv Eker.

Now just to clarify, the words "poor" and "millionaire" are used in the context of being polar opposites, not necessarily to describe my own personal status. You see, Harv discovered that he could tell exactly how much a person was going to earn in their life (or what they were earning now), based on how they responded to certain questions or in relation to certain actions.

The way a person responds to Harv's questions reflects the "programming" that they have grown up with. None of the programming is "bad" per se, but if for example, you wanted to be wealthy, but all your life you looked at wealthy people with distaste, then it would be impossible for you to be wealthy because once you got there, you'd hate yourself.

In most cases, that disdain for wealthy people would have been something you picked up as a result of your family or friends and what they thought or said about wealthy people.

In other words, your mindset has been programmed by your up-bringing and in order to make any sort of progress in your life, you need to "change your mind" and remove that programming.

Harv's courses, books, blog posts and every other thing he puts out there have helped me to change my mindset to one of success, from one of dreaming.​ His book, "Secrets of A Millionaire Mind", helped me to see that I was one of the "wealthy haters". I couldn't believe it. Once he described the actions and thoughts of that type of person I realised it was me.

That was a real eye-opener, let me tell you.

The banner below highlights one of the courses Harv is holding at the moment and I encourage you to have a look. It might just change your whole outlook on yourself.

​And I say "yourself" because that's where it all starts. If you haven't got your own shit together then you can't possibly expect your dreams to come true no matter how hard you try. In fact, you often find that you sabotage yourself subconsciously because you've set your blueprint to "fail" without even realising it.

Your mindset is the difference between dreams and reality. It's the difference between getting to where you want to be instead of just saying where you want to be.

It is the one thing I work on EVERY DAY and I encourage you to do it too.

What have you been doing to "change your mind"? What mindset tactics do you employ to help you progress in life? Let me know in the comments below.​


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