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May 21
Prime Day July 12th 2016


UPDATE JULY 18th. The results of Prime Day are in. Amazon did 60% more business worldwide (and 50% more in the U.S) on Prime day 2016 than it did in 2015. That's huge. There was a massive uptake of many Amazon electronic items like Fire TV, Fire Tablets, Echo and Kindle e-readers. They put out the little video below to show a quick behind the scenes look at the day.

UPDATE JULY 1st. Amazon has announced that Prime Day 2016 is now going to be the 12th of July and not the 15th as previously thought. DO NOT miss out on this day for hot hot HOT bargains. If you're not a prime member then become one now. Click Here.

​Prime Day. Those two beautiful words that mean more than those other 3 words that we all seek.

​(I'm sorry baby but yes, I do love you, but we're talking about Prime Day here. I mean, seriously!).

​Prime Day happens each year on July the 15th (mind you it only started in 2015 so "each year" is a bit of a stretch at this point). To say it is a day of shopping madness is an understatement. But it's a good madness because it's the perfect time to grab a great discount deal.

​Sellers on Amazon are encouraged to reduce the prices of their products for one day only so that you can grab a bargain.

Aside - You of course are impervious to these obvious tactics because you are an Amazing Discounts Daily Subscriber and have your very own discount finder which you use every day - yes you do - don't you? (If you don't, click here to become a subscriber right now).

​Ah, superiority is such a burden to bear, yes?

​Amazon Prime Day Data

​Have a look at the graph below. This gives you just a hint of how popular Prime Day is online.

Prime Day Amazon Discounts Google Trends

As you can see, Prime Day created a huge influx of queries on Google, causing a massive spike in the Google Trends graph. The fact that it was the first prime Day ever and that there was no prior data does skew the results somewhat but still........that's a big spike in anyone's books.

So what is Prime Day and how did it come about?

​To reward Amazon's Prime Members, they decided to create a day exclusively for new and existing Prime members whereby Deals of The Day and Lightning Deals were offered on a continual basis throughout the day (sometimes every ten minutes), across multiple product categories including clothing, patio, lawn and garden, sports and outdoor items, electronics, toys, video games and a whole heap more.

​Amazon promotes it as "More Deals than Black Friday". And if you've ever been on a Black Friday sale you know how intense that can be. The fact that these deals are for Prime Members only makes it that much sweeter because you've got free shipping on everything.

Discounts and Free Shipping!. I'll say that (and bold it) again, Discounts and Free Shipping!

​If you are not yet a Prime member then you should do so quick smart. Click the image below to get started. If you need more info, click here to read more about Amazon Prime.

​Prime Day War Stories

​Is Prime Day perfect? Well, according to these people, 2015 Prime Day was a disaster. But then again, as you read the comments and tweets lower down in the comments section you see a number of more "reasoned" responses.

​If you are an online shopper then I dont think you are under any illusion that everything is perfect. Sometimes things just "go wrong". Even with a giant like Amazon. In fact, it's more likely to happen to a giant like Amazon.

​It's a big machine and sometimes things break, or systems don't work or even the deals themselves just don't appeal as they should. In the case above, it was people's expectations against Amazon's ability to do something new that caused an issue I think.

​I think this year we'll see a lot less angst and a lot better deals. Amazon learns pretty quickly from its mistakes (although it doesn't always implement the fixes quickly) but eventually it sorts the problems out.

​I know I'd rather have the ability to get good deals on the stuff I want than not. Amazon gives you the opportunity to do that in a big way.

​If you don't want to participate in Prime Day but want to get discounts all year round, then become a subscriber to our Amazon Discount Finder system. It's free.

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​Have an opinion? I'd love to hear it, either from a seller's or buyer's point of view.

​The floor is yours. Leave your comments below.


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